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Samsung Galaxy F's Press render is again here, as an uninvited guest

Samsung is certainly not done with it's premium line of smartphones yet to go official this year, as we have clear evidences coming in through alleged sources over times. The South Korean multinational electronics manufacturing corporation, Samsung has reportedly got a new smart looking Android running smartphone coming up their Korean pipeline, soon, dubbed as the Samsung Galaxy F. Well, we have already heard and seen a good amount of rumors and leaks on this specific device, where in the past tipster, evleaks have been momentarily leaking Press renders of the handset in different angles.

Yesterday too, people at evleaks has got their hands on to a new Press rendered image of the forthcoming Samsung made smartphone, Galaxy F. This time we see the phone from it's whole, posing both it's front and back in a single shot. The phone has made it to two other colors, in the past, than the one we're seeing above, where evleaks called it, the "glowing gold" tint and "perfect golden" hue. Courtesy of phoneArena, we had also got chances to see the live and real life pictures of the upcoming premium Samsung smartphone, earlier.

So, refreshing up our minds, the device you see here is said to be constructed out of metal chassis rather than the same cheap polycarbonate build. The phone is also said to feature brushed metal back, where we are lacking confirmation, whether it is some sort of real metal like aluminium or just brushed metal pattern over the plastic make. Other sources tells us that, the impending Galaxy F is rumored to have more narrowed screen bezels on the sides of the display, as seen from the above render, and a more curvier industrial design, naming it as "asymmetrical", when compared to the front runner Samsung Galaxy S5. In term of the hardware, the new unannounced phone will have a heart rate sensor, kept aside the LED flash on the back and a fingerprint scanner integrated to the tradition home button from the Koreans in front.

The internals list comprise a 5.3-inches Quad High Definition screen of 2560 x 1440 resolution display, Quad-Core Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 chipset, three gigabytes of Random Access Memory and a 16 megapixels primary shooter with OIS and LED. The phone is expected to be dust and water resistant like other new high-end Samsung models, with IP67-certification ratings on board.

Finally, the tipster don't seems to study from their committed mistake, as the dates from the lockscreen of the phone in the Press image again tells us, Wednesday, 12 September, which is lamentably not a Wednesday of the aforementioned month, but a Friday. Rumors also talk about an upcoming 'Unpacked Episode 2' event from Samsung, later this year, where the manufacturer is assumed to make this phone official for the public consumers.

Source: evleaks (Twitter)